Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kelas Mengajar coklat Peringkat 1 (Kumpulan 2)

As usual as yesterday but... the different are the students... our new students..but same scenario as before.. our mothers, our elder sisters, our younger sisters.... our belovedd...

We started with getting knowledge with do and cannot do while making the chocolate. Some people like to do.. 2 things in the same time but the chocolate is different. It is very sensitive with the smell, such like sambal, oil of the fried food or such thing. 

In other words....
We cannot eat while doing the chocolate..

Getting known students with tools to do chocolate, shop where to buy the tools, kind of chocolate, mould and such on. The price to sell and.....  

Times up..
Almost 2 o'clock.. after clean the class... time to go back to home sweet home..

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